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Neatness with electrical installation – does it matter?

You bet it matters! Neatness with an electrical installation for any sort of use, from domestic to industrial and from control systems to comms equipment, the neatness matters for lots of reasons.

Easier to install

The neater the job, the easier it is to install as it’s so much easier to run cables and fix components with a neat job. Everything fits where it should and the installation is so much quicker and easier. This makes for a hugely successful electrical installation project.

Quicker and therefore cheaper

Cheap doesn’t have to mean a poor installation. The opposite in fact. If an installation is planned and executed in a neat and tidy way, the work is completed that much quicker and the installation will be more likely to pass any final commissioning tests before coming online.

Pride in the job

A neater and tidier installation means that the installer is proud of his work and this will result in a quality installation.

Better for maintenance

There’s nothing like a neat and tidy, quality electrical installation to please a maintenance team. When a job is done right, maintenance costs are lower as it’s so much easier to check components and fix faults or upgrade parts.