CHP installation & upgrading

Here at AMZCO Construction, we specialise in anaerobic digestion plant design & construction; offering the extensive skills and experience of our growing team to the renewable energy sector; becoming trusted and reliable industry leaders, known for our competence and expertise in multiple aspects of construction.


As such, our work often sees us managing the procurement & installation of bespoke Combined Heat & Power (CHP) solutions and anaerobic digestion CHP upgrading for legacy CHP customers – i.e. those with a CHP older than 10 years.

To ensure we can fulfill the vast majority of, if not all, unique requirements of our clients, our unique solutions are predominantly based on 249, 499, 749 and 999 k/Wh ranges, although alternatives can be provided where necessary.

Is CHP a renewable energy source AMZCO Construction

Our offerings

AMZCO Construction CHP installation and upgrading

Working with leading brands in the field, we’re well-placed to offer bespoke CHP solutions made using British-made engines with dual and tri-fuel capability and an open operating system configured by our in-house experts.


Our CHP installation and upgrading services include:

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